Unordentlicher Shiva

Was die Ereignisse der Welt vorantreibt, was die Geschichte des Universums schreibt, ist das unaufhaltsame sich Mischen aller Dinge, das von den wenigen geordneten Konfigurationen zu den zahllosen ungeordneten voranschreitet. Das gesamte Universium verhält sich wie ein Berg, der sacht in sich zusammenstürzt. Wie eine Struktur, die Schritt um Schritt auseinanderfällt.

Von den geringfügigsten Ereignissen bis zu den komplexesten ist dieser Tanz der wachsenden Entropie, gespeist aus der niedrigen Ausgangsentropie des Kosmos, der wahrhaftige Tanz Shivas des Zerstörers.

Carlo Rovelli, Die Ordnung der Zeit

Ritual Illusion

Definitions, wether of self or the other, are always dialectical. Ritual attempts to fix them, but life – the real, the natural – belies ritual. And so rituals must be reproduced in life and words. It is perhaps our longing for the fixed, the real collapsed into the symbolic, nature collapsed into ritual, that has led us in the west to see such rites as rites of passage, rites of smooth and continuous transition from one state to another, rather than as violent rites of disjunction that are in essence, and perhaps in function, purposefully disjunctive.


We should respect in the Other the same mystery we expect others to respect in ourselves. This too is a social fact.

Vincent Crapanzano, Tuhami


Diese [naturwissenschaftlichen] Idealisierungen kann man auch als einen Teil der menschlichen Sprache bezeichnen, die durch das Wechselspiel zwischen der Welt und uns selbst gebildet worden ist, eine menschliche Antwort auf die Forderungen der Natur.

Werner Heisenberg, Physik und Philosophie

Thomas Reuter

But what are the hidden drivers of petrol addiction in mainstream society, where poverty is not an issue? The attraction seems to lie in the possibility of artificially enhancing the amount of energy or life force we can command for the purpose of mobility, mechanised mass manufacturing, food production, etc.  An abundant supply of cheap energy increases our ability to manipulate, control and consume the objective world and thus artificially enhances our sense of being alive. This additional life force is not authentic, however, and comes at the cost of alienation. It is borrowed from petroleum and coal, which are fossilised hydrocarbons produced by prehistoric plants that have been outside the active carbon cycle of our planet for millions of years.

Thomas Reuter

Feigheit und Angst

By cowardice I do not mean fear.  Fear is the response of the instinct of self preservation to danger.  It is only morbid, as Aristotle taught, when it is out of proportion to the degree of the danger.  In invincible fear– ‚fear stronger than I am‘– the soldier has to struggle with a flood of emotion; he is made that way.  But fear even when morbid is not cowardice.  That is a label we reserve for something that a man does. What passes through his mind is his own affair.

Lord Moran, The Anatomy of Courage