The sage sat down with his pupil.

“The self is like the eye”, he said.

“In the middle is a black hole.”

The pupil thought about that for the rest of his life.

He became a sage, too.



As a boy, he learned to detect trouble very early.

He became a large and angry man.

After the war, he was with the foreign legion on Corsica.

He went into the sea. They pulled him out just in time.

Said he tried to swim home.



They asked the martial arts master which fighting style is best.

“Oh, that is an easy question”, he said.

“It is the exact opposite of self defense.”

They looked puzzled.

He beat them up.



An office mate sent him an invitation to a fantasy computer game.

They went for a smoke the next day and talked about it.

“It’s nothing but a big fucking excel sheet.”

He spent the next years playing it.